Top 3 Ways To Reduce Industrial Energy Costs

When you think about the money industries have to pay for electricity, you might wonder what the use of that much energy is. How much of the energy do you pay for every month is actually used to power your machinery?

You will be shocked to know that it is less than half. What happens to the rest? It gets wasted because of leaky air compressors, inefficient types of equipment and other energy hogs.

The industrial sector includes manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and mining. Just imagine if every other industry is been malfunctioned, then how long are our resources going to last?

If you wish to make your manufacturing facility energy-efficient and inexpensive, here are 5 ways you can follow.

#1 Invest In Energy-Efficient Types Of Equipment

One of the most common and important steps is to save energy and reduce its cost is to invest in or switch to energy-efficient equipment. For example, invest in one High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan manufacturer in India rather than buying several dozens of normal fans. These fans have a diameter of 2.1 meters and it saves up to 80% cost of operation within the 6 months of installation.

#2 Power Off Electronics When Not Useful

Always remember to turn off electronics that are not in use. This is the basic “save resources” procedure that you must follow. Teachers have been teaching us how to save resources from when we were 5 years old and this is the most important place where you need to follow this process. You save up to 10-15% of your total residential electricity bill when you turn off electronics like heavy equipment, computers, machinery, and other energy-consuming electronics.

According to research done by the US department of energy, 5-10% of total residential energy was a product of constantly plugged-in appliances. If one small change can help you so much money, then why not espouse it.

#3 Regular Maintenance

If you use an air conditioner at home, you might know how important maintenance is for it. Without maintenance, it does not provide the desired results. Just like that everything that you use in your industry requires regular maintenance. So schedule annual maintenance for your appliances to improve their performance and efficiency.

If you think maintenance is costly than let me light you with the knowledge of what will happen if you don’t maintain your appliances. You have to pay 5 times more than the maintenance cost to repair the item and 10 times more to purchase a new one. Still, think maintenance is costly?