Can I Start Bullet Journaling in the Middle of a Year?

This question, the answer to which many people ask, is actually a pretty simple one: yes. The majority of people who use bullet journal commit it to memory, and when the time comes to write out the year’s events, they are generally just as prepared as before they started the process, you can also get ideas at However, it does not mean that you can go through it all in one or two years; rather, if you want to make your time into something productive, you have to make it into an ongoing project.

Tips or Examples That Helps You to Write a Journal in the Middle of the Year

Writing Out a Whole Year Plan

For example, let us say that you have only one book this year, but you plan on writing out a whole year, from June to December. How can you do this? You can split your year into three separate sections: a) write out the year, b) write down the things you did for the year and c) implement what you did during the year.

After the second part of the year, you will be able to write out the first part of the year: June. You will be able to start listing down the events that you have had for the month, as well as where you went, what you bought, and what activities you took part in.

You can also take this approach when you are thinking about writing out the entire year, from June to December. After the second part of the year, you can write down the first part of the year. You will then be able to reflect on how the month affected you. Now that you have written out the first part of the year, you can go on to write about the second part of the year, and so on and so forth.

So, What Is the Best Way to Go About Putting These Ideas into Action? Here Are Some Tips:

Writing Out a Whole Year

Select a calendar that you have developed to fit your needs for the entire year and time is very important for writers in the diary: you may want to stick with the old-fashioned calendar form that was used a few decades ago. Or you may prefer the calendar that you can write into the book that you are holding. The point is, there is a calendar that will accommodate you and your needs. It is the point that you have a calendar and not a combination of calendars that do not fit your needs, that will make the most difference.

Writing Out a Whole Year

Write out your events for the month of June, July, and august in a notebook: once you have completed your activities for June, July, and august, you can turn your calendar and notebook into a journal. By writing these events down, you will be able to later put it all in one place. Plus, you will be able to make your decision whether or not to do your tasks during the month and remember them by using this calendar and note. This is extremely important, especially if you are putting your entire year into a journal.

Writing Out a Whole Year

Organize yourself: you must be able to organize yourself so that you can make good decisions. Whether you are writing your events in your journal, or you are writing it on paper, the goal is to make sure that you get all the things done that you need to in order to achieve the success that you want to achieve.


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