Mumbai Challan Status

About Mumbai Challan Status

Procedure to apply for the Mumbai Challan Status: (1) candidates must first login to the official web site of GLC and need to open the application form listed there. ((There is no fee for application) Once a candidate has submitted the application he or she will receive an acknowledgment regarding the status.

Then the GLC official will send a reply via email. (via mail – English) The email is usually sent within 24 hours of the application. (So applicants need not wait till the end of the Challenge Series) Once the response has been received the GLC team will give a final decision on the candidate. Same procedure for Delhi challan status as well.

If you are an applicant in the series, you will need to submit the proof of your income, identity proof, age proof and other such documents that will enable you to get your Challans Status. Other than these documents, there is no other additional document required for you to get your status as a GLC member. All the documents above will be required for Mumbai Challan Status application. Please note the same.

Eligibility Criteria

Now that you have the eligibility to get a status, you must start preparing all the documents for the same. You can either do it personally or you can take the help of some professional agency which deals with GLC. There are many agencies available who give complete assistance to the candidates seeking a GLC Mumbai. One of them is “Maharishi Auto Financing” which is located at Noida.

The agencies conduct the criminal background checks on the candidates in order to know the past record of each one. They also check whether they are financially stable, whether they have the ability to pay monthly and other related things. They ensure that the status is not canceled due to any reason during the period of the online application. So you can apply for the status online. You just need a computer and an Internet connection to do so.

Application Form Online

Now as soon as you finish filling out the online application form, you will receive an email with all the details about your application status. Once the status is awarded, you will receive a confirmation email where you need to reply. The reply shall include all the required information on how you would like the car classified, your address and contact numbers etc. If you don’t have any idea on how to fill out the online form or even how to answer the queries, you can take the help of any professional agency which deals with the same.

If you think that the information given by you is correct, then you can fill in the reservation number provided on the website. If everything is right, you will be able to log on to the website to reserve your dream auto. The Challans will issue a letter after confirming your reservation stating that your car has been reserved and you are free to start the payment for it. The process is very simple and convenient. It is recommended to go through the website before going to the agency.

Final Words

It is important to note that if you are not sure of how to fill the form or how to answer the queries, you can take the help of any professional agency that deals with these types of cars. Once the status of the car is given, you can book it online and within 24 hours, it will start working on your behalf. As soon as the car is on your behalf, it will be delivered at your destination without further delay. The service is best, as you get top quality cars at competitive rates and with heavy discounts.