7 Strongest & Most Powerful Characters of Dragon Ball Z
Can your beloved superhero gather the energy of every living species on the globe, combine it into a massive ball of energy, and hurl it at a marshmallow-colored lunatic intending to obliterate our planet earth? Probably not! But our worldwide famous superhero Goku sure can! Whether you are a self-proclaimed otaku or not, you probably watched Dragon Ball Z at some point in your life. Jokes apart here is the list of the top ten strongest OP characters of Dragon Ball Z created through public opinion. So, don’t scoff if your favorite character didn’t make this list. Without further ado, here we go.

Golden Frieza

When Frieza first entered Dragon Ball Z, he was supposed to be the harbinger of pure destruction but our boy Goku defeated him with his Super Saiyan form which the former feared. But Frieza did not die and came with a cybernetic body and yet he was defeated when Goku and Vegeta ganged up. But then Frieza trained and achieved the Golden Frieza form which is considered even more powerful than the Super Saiyan Blue.


This boy survived a self-destruction technique while successfully annihilating Toppo. Sure! Both Vegeta and Goku can go Super Saiyan Blue but the former was able to go a little further during the Tournament of Power by reaching the great Super Saiyan Blue Evolution which Goku hasn’t yet reached. goku statue


Goku is undeniably powerful being the only mortal to achieve multiple levels of Super Saiyan. You go to a cosplay event, and you will see otakus wearing the ultimate Goku costumes full set with their hair bleached and gelled up. But this is inevitable considering he is the protagonist whose only goal is to defend his planet Earth.


Did y’all forget Jiren? Jiren, the pride trooper from Universe 11 is so strong that he pushed Goku beyond his limits to achieve the next form but even then Goku was not able to defeat him. He is defiantly one of the strongest mortals.


Beerus, the God of destruction is an Egyptian-cat humanoid who is charged with the responsibility of destroying any planet that causes an imbalance in the Universe. Second in power to his mentor Whis, he easily defeated our boy Goku while carrying the typical bored-cat expression.  


Beerus’s angel attendant, Whis is second to only Zeno. If we remove Zeno from this list considering he is not much of a fighter then, Whis easily tops the list. I mean Whis is Beerus’s mentor and the latter is the God of destruction. Do I even need to say more?


While some of you may disagree, let’s face facts. Our Omni-king destroyed six worlds easily when he was in a foul mood. No one in the Dragon Ball Z world can do that! If ever Zeno chose to fight, all he would need is to ‘erase’ and BOOM! Your whole world is destroyed in a snap. I suppose we should be glad for the sake of the plot that Zeno isn’t much of a fighter.