5 Steps to Find the Perfect Animal Print Dress
The animal print dress is a fashion statement that has become popular among women in recent years. They can be used to brighten up an outfit or give it a more sophisticated feel. However, finding a perfect animal print dress that matches your style and budget can be a challenge. Here are 5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Animal Print Dress for Women.

Step 1: Decide what type of animal print dress you want.

A lot of us think that we want to wear animal print, but the truth is, there are so many different types of animal print that they’re hard to put into words. Do you like floral prints? Plaid? Or maybe you just love patterns. To choose an animal print, start by thinking about what kind of animal you like. Are you a dog lover? A cat person? Think about what animals you like and then search.

Step 2: Consider the occasion for wearing an animal printed dress.

Do you wear animal print dresses for all occasions? While wearing a printed dress for a business meeting might seem like a bit much, there are some occasions where it can add some interest. A day at the beach for example, or even a family party with a theme. Animal prints can be seen on everything from clothing to wallpaper. Think about what would look good on you and if it would work for the occasion. Even you can consider wearing frog print pajamas for adults whenever you feel to lounge in your garden area along with your family.

Step 3: Choose the right color for the animal printed dress.

When choosing the color of animal printed dresses, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the amount of colors used in the print, the size and shape of the animal, the number of animals, and the placement of the animal. A basic rule of thumb is that the more the color contrast between the background and the animal, the stronger the color becomes. So for example, white background with black and brown animals will be stronger than a black background with red and white animals.

Step 4: Find the right fit for the animal printed dress.

The first step to finding the right fit for your print is to understand your body type. Is it more of a pear shape or apple shape? Do you have big or small hips? If you’re more pear-shaped, a dress with a higher neckline and longer length may work best, while if you’re apple-shaped, it may be better suited for you if it has a low neckline and shorter length. Also, keep in mind the fabrics you prefer. The heavier the fabric, the more structured it will look, so silk chiffon is a great option for pear shapes. Cotton blends work better for apple shapes.

Step 5: Look for the quality of the animal printed dress.

If you're going to shop online for a new outfit, look for quality, especially if you plan to wear it to an event. You can see for yourself by simply reading the reviews for a product, and you can look for that same quality in clothing for men, women, or children. If you see the comments are full of complaints about a product, or you see that the average rating is low, it might be wise to pass. The quality of the animal printed dress varies. You want to make sure that it is of the best quality. Check the threads and sew for any defects. If you see anything, it is best to just keep looking.


To find the perfect animal print dress, first look through a variety of stores. Try to narrow down the options based on style, size, price, and fabric quality. Once you have chosen a few, visit them in person and try on the dresses. You might find the perfect animal print dress at the first store you visit.